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Massage with the Human Touch

Human Touch

The power of the human touch is garnering increasing scientific research and medical acceptance. Both sides of refractory massage are reaching out to old wounds seeking methods of old wounds to be treated. In a recent Center for Studies on New Patient Care published in the Journal of Science, massage therapy was shown to be beneficial in promoting wound healing, decrease fibro fog, relieve muscular pain, boost mood and improve general well being.

Exercises of rub and embryo massage are gaining favor as techniques for promoting wound healing. Rub and embryo massages have long been used in China to stimulate energetic changes in the body and mind. Rub and embryo massage done with the therapist’s hands helps to recognize and release energetic patterns from the body. Rub and embryo massage opens and stimulates the circulation of blood and energy throughout the body. It also helps to relax the muscles and reduces soreness, it reduces the tension in muscles relieving and eliminating stiffness, and taking away fatigue.

Massage Therapy – Rejuvenating Massage Therapy:

Rejuvenating massage is based on the principles of relaxation, the transference of meaning, and proximal importance of the phenomena being studied. Massage Therapy is one of the five principles of healthcare defined by The National Institute of Health, which also includes: open communication, evidence-based medicine, evidence-based practice, evidence-based decision making, and communication in treatment and care decisions. Massage Therapy is intensive care medicine. Massage Therapy is patient-centered, ado-to-do care, curative and non-invasive.

Rejuvenating massage based on proximal importance, relaxation, the transference of meaning, and the body’s response to stress helps create the environment for healing. Massage Therapy enables an individual to be refreshed and remains hands-free, which improves productivity, work environment, and health. The immediate improvement in focus and relaxation following massage therapy may be related to its effect on pain, distress, and disability. Parkinson’s disease is characterized by impaired function of the nervous system, which may be related to lack of relaxation.

The study also suggests that comprehensive massage therapy, which includes deep tissue massage, may improve pain and disability in Parkinson’s patients. In fibromyalgia syndrome, the proximal importance of massage therapy may help reduce pain and fatigue.

Despite the fact that massage therapy may aid recovery in overcoming illness and disease, massage therapy is not always safe, and it may not be effective in every situation. distracted massage can be unsafe when certain places are touched, such as in the rectum and vagina; this will result to infection. Thus, doctors must be consulted before a client wishes to have a proctectomy done. In addition, the sterile technique must not be employed for infectious purposes, as it can spread the infection. Manual resuscitation must be performed before, and after, massage therapy, as this will benefit both parties (the patient) and hasten to heal.

In general, massage therapy has been considered as one of the best treatments for enhancing physical well-being; it promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The Human Touch

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